Administrative formalities for company’s registration
The formalities related to the creation, transfer, extension and termination of business activities are processed at single counter as follows :
  • Formalities processed at the single counter


  1. Registration for personal enterprise  
  2. Registration of associate company  


  1. Opening of a new additional facility
  2. Changing  company’s name
  3. Extension of activity
  4. New operation mode
  5. Getting rental management

Termination of business

  1. Temporary termination
  2. Total termination
  • Documents for registration
1.For creation of establishment
  • Copy of lease contract registered to taxes or title;
  • Copy of identity (ID card, passport, driving license, or extract of birth certificate)
  • Two (02) criminal record;
2.For creation of Company
  • Copy of articles of association;
  • Copy of estimated three years operating account;
  • Copy of lease contract registered to taxes or title;
  • Copy of ID card (national identity card, passport, driving license or extract of birth certificate;
  • Two (02) criminal records document;
  • Five (05) photo format identity;
  • Single tax: LTD: 300,000 FCFA;
  • -Single tax: AS: 500,000 FCFA.
Foreigners no members of CEMAC community, should complete their document of creation of company or establishment with the receipt of guaranty fund of 1 (one) million FCFA, coupled with valid visa or resident permit. Following documents shall be delivered to the applicant after payment of single tax:
  • Trade register and personal Credit (RCCM);
  • The SCIET and the SCIEN;
  • The NIU;
  • The authorization for undertaking commercial activities (suspended);
  • Notice: all copies should be provided on four samples.

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