Oil and hydrocarbons

The Congo has large reserves of crude oil, but modest gas. At the current rate of production, such potential would allow at least 20 years of operations and related activities. Congo is also relatively competitive in terms of exploration and development costs, which may still improve with the sector reform efforts and significant investments in capabilities and streamlining production methods. In addition, the government encourages prospects for future discoveries given the level of exploration investment and favorable natural conditions of the country.
  • Oil production: 300,000 barrels/day;
  • Gas Reserves: 130 billion m3;
  • Total oil Reserves (all categories) = 8.25 billion barrels;
  • Recovered Reserves end 2010 = 2,225,000,000 barrels;
  • Remaining Reserves 2010 (all categoriess) = 6,000,000,000.

Investment opportunities

The increase in refining and storage capacity

Strengthen the capacity of the national refinery (CORAF) which running at 70% under its full capacity to meet 70% of domestic demand. Hence, it is necessary to undertake CORAF’s equipment upgrading in order to improve the useful rate of its capacity to cover approximately 70% of the national demand of refined oil.

For this CORAF should undertake or set up:
  • A possible debottlenecking of the hydrocracker and head hydro treating;
  • A LPG extraction unit for petrochemical and mining;
  • A bitumen unit of 50,000 tones /year and a visbreaker
The Government has planned to build a new largest refinery during the implementation period of the NDP.

Storage and distribution activities

Need to double the storage capacity to achieve at least a 30-day of safety stock in Brazzaville and Pointe Noire, and subsequently bring these stocks to 60 days in order to get closer in time, the international average of 90 days safety stock.

The state plans to ensure the creation in 2016 of:
  • Filling stations along the roads and highways;
  • warehouse storage of petroleum products at all airports and ports;
  • new filling stations inside the country, in order to supply butane to household in the departments;
  • Strategic storage (fuel depots and filling stations) to serve neighboring countries, etc.

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